Who doesn't love Celestite? Only those who haven't heard about it of course! And let's be honest, some crystals resonate with us, some do not. So if you haven't heard about this amazing mineral and its properties, let me update you...

Celestite is a mineral made up of stronium sulfate. It also goes by the name Celestine. Most of these minerals are found in shades of pale blue or white, although it can also be pink, pale green, pale brown, grey, or even colorless. The meaning of this mineral simply means 'mental clarity' and 'higher purpose'.

Celestite is all about inner peace, quiet space, and elevating the spirit. It's a stone that whispers of deep connection with the other realms. Cleanse your aura, clear out the clutter from your mind, and flush out toxins that are particularly stress related. Whether digestion issues or acne breakouts, Celestite is like an organic balm to the body.

Celestite excels when it comes to its many mesmerizing metaphysical properties. This stone works closely with our Throat and Third Eye Chakra, freeing up any blockages so that your voice and communication tools have room to thrive. Celestite can arouse your Crown Chakra, the most important chakra for etheric energy and expanding our vision to the farthest reaches of the Universe. For those looking for angelic connection, Celestite is your ticket to find it! Resonating powerfully with the beautiful souls born under the sign of Gemini, beautiful blue Celestite can help you tap into the hidden power inside of you to see beyond the veil, further enhancing your understanding of the here and now, and layering up your mental clarity. Don't even get me started how it amazingly benefits the dream state and dream work!

I highly recommend spending some time with this stone to see how you can benefit each other!

Love and Light

Blessed Be

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